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The Fokker DR-1 Triplane from World War One has always been one of my favorite planes.  For many years, I thought just building a radio-controlled model of one was an unobtainable goal.  Over the past ten years or so --while being immersed in Experimental Aviation, going to AirVenture and Sun 'N Fun many times -- I became aware of replica kits and plans for the Triplane.  I asked someone very experienced with antique airplanes what he thought about them and he said "Why don't you build the real thing from the Ron Sands plans?"  The real thing being wood box spars and ribs and a welded steel tube frame, just like the original.  That planted the seed.  And over the years, as I've seen Triplanes in museums, on the web being built, and actually seeing one fly at the Golden Air Age Museum, my fascination with the Triplane only increased.  It has been three years since I completed the RV.  And the Xenos Motorglider project I am helping Bruce with is coming down the home stretch.  So the time is right for a new project.

I'll be the first to admit, the Triplane is a totally impractical plane.  Single seat, open cockpit.  Not easy to fly.  Slow.  Bad visibility -- the wings block the view.   Nevertheless, I must build it.