Tack Welding the Fuselage Side

The first fuselage side is all notched and ready for tack-welding.

Looking forward from the aft end.
Looking at the forward area from the bottom.
The aft area.
I triple-checked that I had put the sleeves on prior to tack-welding.
I practiced on some scrap and then went for it.   I did a single tack on the top joints while the fuse side was in the jig.
Then I pulled the fuse side out of the jig, and did two tack welds per joint on the other side.
It was kind of anti-climatic.  Tack-welding only took a few hours.  Notching all the cross-members and diagonals, on the other hand, took over a week!  Now I have to repeat the entire process and build another fuselage side exactly like this one.