January 15, 2016 - Build Fuse - Join Sides

Having tack-welded together the second fuselage side -- pretty much the same drill as the first -- it was time to put the entire fuselage together.
The first thing to do was to prep the welding table.  I removed all the fuse side jig blocks, then flipped the table over so I had a fresh surface to work on.
I used my laser line to mark the center-line.
Nice and straight.
Then I transfered the markings from the Plans to the table for the fuse top and bottom cross-members.

I put jig blocks to hold the fuselage sides in position.  Because the upper longerons are straight, I put the sides upside down.  As a temporary measure, I used string to keep the fuselage sides vertical.

You may have noticed I put in new LED shop lights in this wing of the basement.  The lighting is MUCH better now.

Looking aft to forward.
I'm also using a wood spacer to keep the fuse sides vertical (sort of).
A side view.