March 17, 2016 - Clean Shop for EAA Chapter Meeting

My EAA Chapter (571 in Annapolis) monthly meeting was at my house this month.  It happened to be St. Patrick's day so Lynnette made green desserts for snacks.
I spent a lot of time cleaning up the shop.  And having the meeting was a good motivation to work hard on the project the prior two months to have something to show the Chapter members.
The basement window a Triplane will someday emerge from.  Compared to the RV-7 fuselage, the Triplane fuselage will slip out easily.
I have my three box spars on the spar table, so if the basement ever floods, a year's worth of work won't be ruined.
Wow, it has been a long time since I've seen that much empty floor space in the workshop.
It's been years since the workbenches were clear.   OK, they are not clear, but they are covered with the end ribs and some show and tell stuff, not tools, and debris like they usually are.