AirVenture 2017

It's been five years since I've been to AirVenture and I felt the need to go back.

This year was as good as any I’ve attended in the past, maybe better.  The weather was outstanding the entire week except from some rain at times on Wednesday.  It was never really hot though.  Everyone was friendly and in good spirits, just wanting to have a good time.  Everything about AirVenture was firing on all cylinders:  all the airplane parking areas were filled to capacity (except maybe homebuilt camping), Camp Scholler was filled, the TriMotor, Helicopters and B-17 were flying continuously overhead, trams were full.  Everything clicked, and we had just a great time.  We arrived Monday morning and departed Saturday morning.

What did I do for almost five full days?   I watched three day airshows (M, W, F) plus the night airshow Wednesday.  I went to seven forums.  I checked out the big four vendor buildings at least twice each.  Went to the EAA museum.  Went to the Ultralight area.  Went to the Fly Market.  Walked the entire homebuilt parking/camping area.  Walked, walked, walked!


Click on the following links to see what I saw: