Summer 2014 - Long Cross-Country Out West

It was about time for my 2014 long cross-country.  I flew the Oregon Trail in 2007, Lewis & Clark Missouri River in 2010, Sante Fe Trail in 2011 and the Bahamas in 2013.  But where to go?  There was a big open spot on my USA map for Texas and the Gulf Coast so I thought I would do that.  But then some high school friends wanted to get together in Idaho.  I wanted to do that too.  Finally, I had been wanting to fly the Green River from its head in Wyoming, down eastern Utah to the Grand Canyon.  How about  combining all three into one long flight?  So I came up with the following rough plan:

I would fly the RV out to Tamarack, Idaho just north of Boise.  Spend a long weekend with my high school buddies.  From there I would fly to the head of the Green River which is just south of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  I'd follow the Green River until it merges into the Colorado River, to Page, Arizona and then to the Grand Canyon.  From there I'd head south to Tucson, Arizona and the Mexican border.  I'd follow the border all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, then the Gulf of Mexico coast to Pensacola, Florida.  From there I'd head north to South Carolina where I'd stop at the famous Triple Tree Fly-in.  Then finally back to Essex Skypark in Maryland.

As I researched and planned the trip, I added things I wanted to see and do during the trip.  I won't list them here.  Read the web log and you'll see.

If you want to just cut to the chase, check out days six, seven and eight.  They represent the most fun flying I've ever done and most spectacular scenery I've ever seen.  Yeah, it was that good.

Click on the following links to follow me along on my journey:

  • Day 1 :  Essex Skypark to Belle Fourche, South Dakota
  • Day 2:   Belle Fourche, SD to Tamarack, Idaho
  • Days 3 - 5 : Tamarack, Idaho
  • Day 6 - Part 1 :  Tamarack - Sawtooth Mountains - Blackfoot, Idaho
  • Day 6 - Part 2 : Blackfoot, ID to the head of the Green River to Green River, Wyoming
  • Day 6 - Part 3 : Green River, WY to Vernal, Utah
  • Day 7 - Part 1 : Vernal, Utah to Carbon County, Utah
  • Day 7 - Part 2 : Carbon County to Green River/Colorado River Confluence
  • Day 7 - Part 3 : Green River/Colorado River Confluence to Moab, Utah - Canyonlands Airport
  • Day 7 - Part 4 : Moab, Utah:  Arches National Park
  • Day 8 - Part 1 :  Canyonlands Airport to Page, Arizona
  • Day 8 - Part 2 :  Page, Arizona:  Lower Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon Dam
  • Day 9 - Part 1 :  Page, Arizona to Tucson, Arizona
  • Day 9 - Part 2 :  Tucson, Arizona:  Pima Air & Space Museum, Davis-Montham AFB "Boneyard"
  • Day 9 - Part 3 :  Tucson, Arizona:  Titan II Missile Museum, Saguaro National Park
  • Day 10 - Part 1 : Tucson, Arizona to White Sands, Alamogordo, New Mexico
  • Day 10 - Part 2 : Alamogordo, NM - Guadalupe Mountains - Amarillo, Texas
  • Day 11 : Amarillo, TX - Palo Duro Canyon - Midland, Texas
  • Day 12 : Midland, TX - Big Bend National Park - Fredericksburg, TX - Museum of the Pacific
  • Day 13 - Part 1 :  Fredericksburg, TX to Port Isabel, TX
  • Day 13 - Part 2 :  Port Isabel, TX to Port Aransas, TX
  • Day 14 : Port Aransas, TX to Bay Minette, Alabama
  • Days 15-16 :  Bay Minette, Alabama to Triple Tree Aerodrome, South Carolina
  • Day 17 : Triple Tree - Clearview Flyin - Essex Skypark