December 3, 2017 - Massey Aerodrome Fly-In

Early in the week, the long-term forecast had looked promising for the Massey Aerodrome fly-in on Sunday.  But I woke up Sunday morning to rain!  The rain soon stopped but conditions were forecasted to be moderate VFR or worse until 11AM or so.   I figured the fly-in attendance would be low.

But I myself was definately going.   Although there was no overcast, it was extremly misty flying over the Bay and the eastern shore, as you can see here.  But dialing in the Massey frequency, the pattern was busy.  It's on!


Turning downwind for runway 2, I was surprised to see so many planes already at the fly-in.  And look at that parking lot!
They counted almost 160 planes had landed by 1PM.
Someone took this great picture of my airplane parked on the grassy knoll.  The picture was featured in the nice write-up of the flyin on Massey Aerodrome's web page.
I guess I arrived around noon.  By that time, there wasn't a whole lot of food left.  But plenty of desert.  Lynnette had made me some cupcakes to bring.

It's amazing how well the Massey December fly-in does, considering it is DECEMBER!


I borrowed this nice picture of the main hangar from Massey's website.
The Corsair has a new paintjob, in the scheme of Commander (then Lt.) Alberto Santa Maria who flew F4U-5 Corsairs off the carrier USS Palau in 1949 with Helicopter Development Squadron VX-3 (tail code XC)
Show cars parked next to the DC-3/C-47.
A very bright blue 1943 Howard DGA-15P  (450 hp P&W R-985 engine).  Beautiful airplane.
Stearman Alley.
This rare Brunner-Winkle Bird BK biplane is actually very historic.  It is the plane Anne Morrow Lindbergh learned to fly in.  Charles Lindbergh bought it for her in 1930, one of 220 which were built.

The famous airplane even flew in with an Anne Morrow Lindbergh re-enactor -- Greta H. from my EAA Chapter.  In fact, Greta started helping on the restoration of this airplane at age 10!

Air and Space Magazine did a nice story on this airplane.

RV Alley.   My RV was parked on the grassy knoll just out of sight to the right.
Two plane's from my EAA Chapter:  Paul's Super Cub and Ron's little V-tailed Davis DA-2A.
A beautifully polished Cessna 170.
Looks like they are building new T-hangars at Massey.
A little Boredom Fighter painted up like a World War I Spad.
Another plane owned by a guy in my EAA Chapter.  This one, of course, is the famous Piper Cub.
Pushing the Bird.
By noon, the weather was quite nice for the fly-in.
The colorful Christian Eagle taxiis out.
I know this Cessna 180!  I met the pilot down at Triple Tree Aerodrome in South Carolina a couple of years ago.
Most airplanes have bugged out.  My RV-7 stands sentinal over the remaining planes from the grassy knoll.
The unique ‘Midwing Special’:  a highly modified 1964 Piper Super Cub w/shoulder mounted, clipped wings.  I saw this plane at the Smoketown fly-in this summer.
There goes the Midwing Special, escorted by a Stearman.

There goes Ron in the Davis DA-2A.

Mugsy and I did a formation low pass when we left but alas, no one took a picture of it.