December 2, 2017 - Holly Run to Tangier Island

The weather was perfect for this year's Holly Run to Tangier Island:  clear blue skies, light winds, warm enough do I didn't have to pre-heat the RV's engine.  Here I am parked on the ramp at Bay Bridge airport.
I wonder if this is the SeaWind amphibian based on the Eastern Shore.  I haven't seen it in a few years.
Of course, fellow Essex Skyparkian Paul C. was on hand in his Super Cub.  He spent a lot of years building it; now he is flying it every chance he gets.  As he should!
A close-up of his Tail-Art.
Not too many RVs at this year's Holly Run.  But Santa did show up in this RV.
Inside for the pancake breakfast, paid for by Vans Aircraft Company.
Helen of Chesapeake Sport Pilot runs the event.
Group photo.  The photograph was on a ladder with a very wide-angle lens on his camera.  I'm in the back row, second from right.  Sort of.
I took off in about the middle of the pack.  I had my Foreflight Sport and fired up the ADS-B In.  It was kind of interesting to see on the iPad a line of planes running from Bay Bridge to Tangier Island.
Here I am on downwind for runway 2.  It was an uneventful traffic pattern this year; only one plane ahead of me.
On final for runway 2.  My timing was good.  The plane ahead of me turned off the runway on to the ramp, just as I was about to touch down.
Parked on the ramp at Tangier Island.
A golf cart loaded up with the bags of holly, toys and school supplies brought in the planes.
It seemed to me that there were quite a few locals on hand at the airport to meet Santa and the planes.
The kids were very interested in Santa.
As you can see, there are lots of cats on Tagier Island.
Paul taxiis the stealth Super Cub in.
Two other Essex Skypark planes:  the AirCoupe on the left and the AirCam on the right.
Friendly cat outside Lorraine's where we always have lunch.
Enjoying a delicious lunch of crab cake sandwich, frieds and cream of crab soup at Lorraine's.   They have at least two seatings, maybe three.
Back at the ramp where I was parked in the corner.
After takeoff, turning east, looking down at the beach.
I took this good shot of the island as I climbed out to the northeast.  You can see how there are only two and a half "spines" of habitable land on the island.
Approaching Crisfield on the eastern shore.
Looking down at Crisfield Airport.  Unfortunately, it appears they have closed the grass runway, perpendicular to the paved runway.
Another look at Crisfield Airport.