November 25, 2017 - $100 Hamburger at
Doylestown, PA

Mugsy (RV-8), Moondog (RV-3) and I were looking for somewhere to fly to.  We were tired of the same old on-field restaurants, so tried a place we've never been before -- Doylestown, Pennsylvania -- just north of Philly.  They have a diner a short walk from the airport.   It was roughly a 100 mile flight from Essex Skypark.
The FBO building at Doylestown.
Frankly, the diner was no great shakes, but at least it was a new experience.
Heading home with Mugsy in the lead.
At the top of the Chesapeake Bay near Havre De Grade, we veared south and flew down the eastern shore which is always fun.
Now heading west with the Francis Scott Key bridge on the left and Baltimore visible in the distance.