November 4, 2017 - Essex Skypark Pumpkin Chunkin Contest

Today's event, the annual Essex Skypark Pumpkin Chunkin Contest!  Not a fly-in, just an event for Essex Skyparkians to enjoy.  Everyone brought food so there was very little organization and effort required to host the event.

We couldn't have asked for a better day for it, weather-wise.

Quite a few people turned out.  There is something about watching pumpkins being thrown out of airplanes 100 feet high and exploding upon hitting the ground.
Looking at Paul's Super Cub and Tom's Maule.
Lots of spectators.
Enjoying a nice fall day.
Tom was the Master of Ceremonies.
Chip laid down a nice wall of smoke from the Stearman in front of Ron and Joe's Cessna 150s.  .

I had received official authorization from the authorities for Mugsy and I to drop rubber chickens instead of pumpkins.  We were only asked to refer to them as rubber turkeys, not chickens.

I used Mugsy's fancy camera to capture him dropping his chicken, I mean turkey.

After a few feet, the Turkey tries to spread his wings.
After dropping my Turkey, I made a low pass.
My smoke system isn't putting out much smoke for some reason.  I think I need to clean the injectors.
Later on, Mugsy and I made a few low formation passes.
Another low pass, sans smoke.
I found some unauthorized visitors in my plane!
Lynnette gets photographic evidence of the intrusion.  Actually, they are my grandsons William and Griffin.
I think they like the plane.
Grandson number three, Teddy, wants in on the action.
Whoops!  Change of heart.
The Stearman is still laying down smoke.  Nothing wrong with his system!
Paul gave me a ride in his Super Cub.  First time I've been up in it.  He's an ex-Army helicopter pilot.
We flew over Miller Island where the color was high.
It was nice to fly a little slower and look out under the high wing.
A nice way to end another great flying day.