September 31, 2017 - Flyin at Burner Field

On Sunday morning, I left Easton, stopped at Essex Skypark to fuel, then continued on to Burner Field, southwest of Winchester.

I used to fly gliders with Bill B. at Jan Scott's Flying Cow airpark.  Jan sold his place and soon after Bill B. bought his own airstrip in Woodstock, Virginia.   He has a fly-in every Spring and Fall.  I've been trying to attend the fly-in for a few years now.  Today I made it!  It's a beautiful place with a long, wide grass runway, hangar, and corn fields.

Bill's Schweizer SGS 1-96.  It has been years since I've soared but a gradually remembered that I had flown this glider a few times at Jan's.
They have a permanent glider operation at nearby Front Royal airport.  They bring their towplanes and gliders over here to compliment what Bill has.
Ah yes, the old Birdfalke.  I remember this glider well and flew it many times.  It is in great condition.
This Piper Pa-28 is a great towplane with a powerful O-540 engine (235 horsepower) and that unusual, but cool, four-bladed prop.
The Birdfalke about to get towed into the air.  There wasn't much lift today but some of the higher performance gliders were able to stay up for a little while.
My plane was parked at the north end of the runway, down at the bottom of a shallow hill.
One of the locals -- just here to watch the flight ops -- was thinking about building an RV.  He was about my age and we hit it off, so I took him for a ride.  He loved it!  His house was just to the northwest on the other side of a ridge, so we circled over his house, while Bill's daughter Guinevere circled over us in a high-performance glider.
On the flight home I passed over the Flying Cow airpark.