September 24, 2017 - Pancake Breakfast at Gettysburg

The Essex Skyparkians were headed to a pancake breakfast at Gettysburg airport this Sunday morning.

I had as a passenger -- sorry, name unknown --someone making his first flight in a small airplane.  We pulled up alongside Chip in his 172.  He put it on autopilot and took this great picture of my RV.  Chip apologized for not being able to get a picture without the sun flash;  I told him I was happy about it -- I spent a lot of time polishing to get that look!

The Essex Skyparkians on the ground at Gettysburg.
Heading for the hangar, and breakfast.
Seated for a gourmet breakfast.  Not sure who the stern buzzkill is at the lower left.
EAA Chapter 1041 hosts the pancake breakfast.
EAA Chapter 1041 is famous for their huge, circular pancake griddle!  I wouldn't be surprised if Essex Skypark has one of these someday.
I don't think I've ever seen this blue RV before.
Parked on the line.