August 13, 2017 - Smoketown Fly-In

Smoketown Airport has one of the better annual fly-ins.  They give a free T-shirt of high quality to pilots who fly in.  Plus they take a high-quality landing photo of every plane.  Finally, they usually draw a good number of airplanes.

Bruce in his RV-3 and I headed north.  It was a nice sunny day but not too hot.  Here I'm cruising over the green Pennsylvania countryside.

My friend Bill P. arrived just ahead of us in his C-150.   I learned to fly in a C-150 back in 1976.
We arrived early enough to have breakfast, and then later, lunch in this hangar cafe.
An immaculately restored Fairchild PT Cornell.   This airplane was a trainer for the Royal Canadian Air Force in WWII.
Christian Eagle.
Nice Waco.
Lawbreaker and his RV-8 were in the house.
At first attendance seemed a little sparse but the grass ramp eventually filled up.
This is a 1964 Piper PA-18 Midwing Special.
The RV-7 and RV-3 parked side by side.
Looking out towards the runway:  Jim T's RV-8, Tom K's Maule and Mugsy's RV-8 are all visible.
Mike B's RV-8 and Richard S.'s RV-8.
I knew quite a few people at this fly-in.
Rich and Nuan arrived in the Decathelon.
Lawbreaker departs.
A beautiful polished Cessna 195 arrived.
I admired the polish job up close.
A real showplane.
Love the bright red interior!
The Midwing Special takes off -- with smoke!
Bruce and I headed home.
On the way home, we flew down the east side of the Chesapeake Bay.
It's more fun than the more direct route over land through Maryland.
Lots of boats were on the water on this nice summer day.

The following pictures were taken by the Smoketown photographer.

Bruce about to touch down in the RV-3.

My RV-7 just about to touch down.
Bill P. flares in his C-150.
Nice shot of me next to my trusty plane.