July 8, 2017 - Fly-in at Lloyd's Airstrip

Mugsy asked me if I wanted to go to a private fly-in over on the Eastern Shore today.   Sure.   Now, I'm winging over the Chesapeake Bay on my way to Easton to meet Mugsy.  Look at all the boats down there.  Must be a fishing tournement.
I landed at Easton, then Mugsy and I took off and headed southwest for Lloyd's grass strip.   Here we are at Lloyd's.  We were the first ones to arrive.
Soon, a Cessna 195 showed up, all the way from Charlottesville, VA.
One of my favorite planes.
A Great Lakes and Minimax arrived later.
Carl's MiniMax is proof that flying doesn't have to be expensive.  The MiniMax was first flown in 1984 is all wood construction.
What, not $47,000 glass panel?
The Great Lakes with Lloyd's hangar in background.
Others arrived via car and it turned into a nice little get-together in the hangar.
A brand new Carbon Cub showed up.  It turns out I had talked to the pilot a few weeks ago at Cambridge.
We helped Lloyd push-start his old Bug.  It's been a long time since I've done that, LOL.
Lloyd played some music for us in his hangar-man cave.
On the way home, I had fun flying over one of my favorite rivers.
Can you guess why it is fun?