June 16, 2017 - Skybolt Wings On!

Lynnette and I were returning from hiking in the Dolly Sods wilderness area (West Virginia) and we stopped at Stafford Airport to help Joe Smith mount the wings on his Skybolt project.

Joe was really prepared.  He had built the three wooden platforms seen here ahead of time.  They really came in handy keeping the tail elevated and for people to stand on while holding up the top wing.

We started with eight people I think and ended up with six, so there was plenty of help.
Top wing goes on first.
Then the left bottom wing.   Followed by the left strut.
Joe tightens the nut on the left wing strut bolt.
Now Joe is doing something at the wing root.
And the right lower wing is on!
Tightening the strut bolt nuts.
Looking good!  The Skybolt looks great with that big radial engine on it.
I believe this plane may actually fly!

The happy wing-hanging crew.

No one is happier than Joe.  He has been working on this airplane project for 17 years!