June 11, 2017 - Essex Skypark Flyers Breakfast

The Essex Skypark flyers had an impromptu breakfast gaggle run to Cambridge this Sunday morning.  Actually, it was more than just Essex Skypark pilots/planes, we had pilots and planes from Clearview Airport and Suburban Airport too.   I flew Bruce B.'s RV-3 (on the right but hard to see because it is so small).  The flight over was uneventful.  I flew formation on Rich's Decathelon.
There is Rich and his Decathelon.  Tom K.'s Maule is to the right.
Brian's RV-8 and Walt's Husky, both Clearview pilots.
The group was so large that Kay's Restaurant put us in a conference room.
Steve and sons.  Steve flies a Maule.
Group photo!
The flight home in a loose gaggle was a blast.  Flying doesn't get much better than that.