June 20, 2017 - Mitchell Lock Farewell

When I was first starting my RV-7 build back in 2004, I asked on the Mid-Atlantic RV  Yahoo group if anyone in the local area was building and could show me their project, answer a few questions.  A guy named Mitchell Lock responded, invited me over to his house and spent a couple of hours with me.  It turns out he was a master RV builder.  I ended up going over to his house three or four times during my build, an invaluable help to a new builder like me.  I'd see Mitch around over the years at fly-ins.  He became the Vans Aircraft Company East Coast representative.  Then this year I was elated to hear that he would become the new president and General Manager of Vans Aircraft Company.   They couldn't have selected a better man.

Vans Aircraft Company is located in Aurora, Oregon so Mitch and family would be moving to the West Coast.  To give him a well-deserved send off, the Westminster EAA Chapter and Chesapeake Sport Pilot put together a Mitchell Lock fly-in/send off at Bay Bridge airport.  So this Saturday morning, Bruce and I pulled our RVs out of the hangar and prepared to fly to Bay Bridge airport.

Bay Bridge is only a short flight across the Chesapeake Bay from Essex Skypark.
Someone took this shot of me just about to touch down.
Bruce B. just touching down.
This is really the first time that Bruce B. has had the RV-3 out since he restored and repainted it.  The RV-3 immediately attracted lots of interest.  My RV-7 over by the hangar, not so much.
Bruce B. advising Mitch Lock on what he should do when he gets to Vans Aircraft Company.
Nice paint job on this RV-8.
Unusual paint job on this RV-8.
There was a big turnout of RVs;  everybody in the RV world knows Mitch.
Glen S. flew up in the Devastator.
Top Cat.
The Maryland State Police was surveilling this suspicious group from afar.
There was a short send-off ceremony.

 Helen Woods, owner and manager of Chesapeake Sport Pilot, presented Mich with a momento for his office in Oregon to remind him of Maryland.

Mitch said how humbling it was for him to know that Van and the people who built the company into what it is today feel that he was the person to carry it forward.

These chairs were filled during the send-off.
Someone else took this picture.  Can you guess why this airport is named "Bay Bridge"?
Glen taxiis out in the Devastator.
Glen took all these black and white pictures with a combination digital camera/printer that he built himself!   That man has skills.
Great picture of the new President of Vans Aircraft Company, Mitchell Lock, in front of Bruce B.'s RV-3.   Bruce R. took this picture and it made the cover of Vans Air Force!
Aerial shot of the ramp during this day.  You can see my plane at the bottom left corner of the big square hangar.
George K. taxiis under close surveillance.