June 3, 2017 - Cambridge Wings & Wheels - Form

Today was Cambridge Airport Wings and Wheels fly-in.  They had asked Riggo to organize a four-ship RV flyover and missing man formation so I was a part of it with Riggo, Mugsy and Zack.   We met for breakfast and briefing at Easton Airport.

Most of the following pictures were taken by Zeke, who was riding with Zack.  Zack and Zeke.  I know.

I need to figure a way to mount some rear-view mirrors like this in the RV-7!
Serious discussion.
Riggo about to lead us out.
I was number two.
Then Mugsy, then Zack.
Mugsy and Zack coming in for initial join-up.
Mugsy almost there.
Looking down at Easton Airport.
Maneuvering over the Eastern Shore.  The Choptank River meanders south to the Chesapeake Bay below.
Smoke check!
A good aerial shot of N18LC.
Turning in Route formation south of Cambridge.
Approaching Cambridge in right Echelon formation.
Lines up nicely.
Breaking over the field.
That's the photographer Zeke getting out of Zack's RV-8.
Bruce R. and Mugsy.
As soon as I exited the aircraft, another pilot was on me asking about the RV-7.  He's thinking about buying one.  He sat inside mine to see if it would fit.
Some heated discussion at the debrief.  Zack on the left, Riggo in the center, Mugsy on the right.   The woman was an airport representative.
LIned up on the ground at Cambridge.
Getting ready to taxi out for the Missing Man formation.
Taxiing for takeoff.
An overhead pass in finger four formation.
From another angle.
Now in diamond formation.
Right echelon.
On the ground debriefing.
Mater the Greater is in the house!  One of my favorite TV shows!
Walking the grounds.
Big slide for the kids.
Paul C. flew over from Essex Skypark in his Super Cub.  Which he built from a kit.
Essex Skyparkians Chuck B. and Tom K. also on hand.
I think this Waiex is based out of Ridgely.
Jim T. from Cedar Meadows on hands in his red RV-8.
Departing Cambridge, I realized I had never really taken a picture of the town.  So here it is.
Looking back.  I never really noticed there was a golf course north of the runway.  Good to know.
On my own, I did a little fun fly down low.