May 29, 2017 - To/From Johnson City, TN

The weather looked good so I flew down to Johnson City, Tennessee for a few days to visit my Mom and sister.

The prospect of flying my normal route down the Shenandoah Valley and Interstate 81 bored me so I flew down the Eastern Shore and cutover around St. Marys Airport.

Here, I'm over Kent Island with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge visible to the right.

Looking down at Kentmorr which is an aviation community.  I hear that only one person still flies there though.  The rest of the homeowners don't fly anymore.
Looking down at St. Mary's Airport.
I like cumulous clouds.  It's boring when it is just clear blue sky.
Angling across the green, tree-covered Appalachian Mountains.
A carpet of green.
Descending into Johnson City.
And there is Johnson City airport in the middle of the picture, although it is hard to make out.  It is on the other side of that big quarry.
After a nice visit with my Mom and sister, I headed back home.  I normally stop at Mountain Empire Airport for fuel, but today it was covered with heavy construction equipment!  Not going to get fuel there.  I continued on and stopped at New River Valley Airport.  I had never landed here before.  It had a very nice FBO and terminal building.  Nice airport.
Continuing on, about to enter the Shenandoah Valley.  Visibility was excellent today, as you can see.
Looking down at Shenandoah Airport.  I landed here in the Citabria once, but never in the RV.
Wow, they are really adding on to the Baltimore Ravens facility.  New building and new parking lot.
A closer look.  I wonder what they are doing in that area to the left?