February 11, 2017 - Form Flight with Lawbreaker, Vlad & Toothpick

I was flying up to Pottstown Heritage Airport today to do some formation flying with Lawbreaker and Vlad.

Crossing the Susquehanna River into Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is covered by a light dusting of snow.
Pottstown is always easy to navigate to.  Can you guess why?
Vlad is new to formation flying so Lawbreaker flew with him as a safety pilot.  I was lead.  I had Vlad's friend "Toothpick" in my right seat.
On the ground after the flight.  Vlad and Lawbreaker next to Vlad's RV-9A.  Vlad is famous in the RV community for flying long cross-countries out west, into Canada and to Alaska.  This year he even crossed over to Russia!
Yours truly and Vlad.
Lawbreaker, myself and Vlad.
The two planes.  That is "Toothpick" to the left.
I stopped at Chester County on the way home for lunch.
I had a burger at Chester County.  But this is a breakfast Bruce B. and I had at Smoketown the following week.  Great breakfast!