January 15, 2017 - Max Lichty

Max Lichty was one of the stalwarts of Essex Skypark.  He had been there forever, and as Instructor Pilot had taught almost every pilot there at some point.  Max taught me how to fly tailwheel in his
Champ.  He taught me well as I haven't bent a plane yet (knock on wood).  My last BFR was with Max.

Unfortunately, Max was diagnosed with cancer in 1016.  He hung in there and attended the annual Christmas Party in December.  That's him in the lower middle of the picture.  Everyone else in the picture
was instructed by Max.  He was one of those people who everybody liked and respected.  He was a good friend to all.

We lost Max January 15, 2017.

The annual Essex Skypark pancake breakfast was dedicated to Max.
Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and only this one Kitfox flew in.
We still had a good turn-out though from drive in traffic.

Max's Champ which he owned and flew for 30+ years.  He restored it at least three times.

Max had over 10,000 flight hours  -- quite a bit for someone who was not a military or airline pilot.

The Essex Skypark Flying Club is now known as the Max Lichty Essex Skypark Flying Club.
The Essex Skypark maintenace hangar is looking pretty good these days.
Tailwinds, Max.