December 31, 2017 - Tangier Island with Maggie

I took my three nephews -- Frank, Max & Sam -- flying a few days ago.   Maggie didn't get to go for a ride then, so we went today.  We decided to fly down to Tangier Island for lunch.  Weather was pretty good.  Maybe a little windy, but pretty good for late December.

Here we are on the transit down.  Imagine living here; talk about remote!

Passing by Crisfield Airport.  The DelMarVa peninsula is narrow here with the Atlantic Ocean visible in the distance.
A good look at downtown Crisfield.  It used to be seafood capital of the world!
Overhead Tangier Island airport, and the entire Tangier, really.
On the ramp at Tangier Island airport.  Winds were stronger than forecasted but right down the runway so landing was easy peasy.
We had a nice lunch at Lorraine's, then walked around a short bit.
Not too many airplanes at Tangier Island airport today.