December 4, 2016 - Massey Aerodrome Open House Fly-in

A December fly-in?  You've got to be kidding!  But Massey Aerodrome does it every year and usually the weather cooperates.  Last year they had 170 or so airplanes.  This year there was a high overcast, it was a little cool, and there was some wind, but overall it wasn't half bad.  I could have gotten away without pre-heating the RV's engine, but it likes to start warm, so I did pre-heat it, then headed across the bay.

In the summer, the west coast of Hart-Miller Island will be packed with boats -- the bottom is sandy, good for swimming.  But in December ... no boats.

Direct to Massey Aerodrome takes less than 15 minutes.  What fun is that?  I take a little longer route down the Chester River.
Looks like someone is building a serious waterfront estate on the Chester River.  Nice location!
This duck blind has multiple fields of fire.
I showed up at the peak arrival time.  Runway Two was in operation.  For good situational awareness, I like to fly an upwind leg; gives me plenty of time to see where everyone is in the pattern.  Here I am on upwind leg for runway two.
Now on crosswind leg.
After landing, I headed to the main hangar which is where the food is.  It was packed.  Look at the line for the food table!
The food table.  Pretty good food, too.
A couple of Massey projects stand sentinal outside.  Many people inside eating; not too many outside in the cold.  It really wasn't that cold.  50s I think.
Some immaculate show cars were on hand.
This Woody is deserving of a closer look.
The Mercury Cougar always brings back memories.  I didn't have one but I knew three people who did in my teens.  Great cars.
Paul C.'s SuperCub.  Seven years in the making, he is now having some serious fun flying it around.
A number of RVs were parked together near the grassy knoll.
I've seen this pink Citabria at Massey many times.
Two serious aerobatic planes:  a Cap 10 and an Extra.
Most of the planes were in the main parking area, including my favorite fly-in plane of the day:  the Republic SeaBee amphibian.
I haven't seen this RV before.  Like the paint job.
I was parked on the other side of the runway.   This picture explains the RV's great performance.  It probably has the same horsepower as the other airplanes but is much smaller -- less weight -- and is aerodynamically clean.
The SeaBee was the center of attention.
Checking out the SeaBee's cockit.
Notice the little rudder aft of the tailwheel.
The Extra looks very muscular from behind.  Those ailerons are almost the length of the entire wing!
They started parking planes down the side of the runway.  Last year it was both sides.
Jim T. showed up in his RV-8, complete with rubber chicken launching device!
The yellow paintscheme reminded me of my old Citabria.  I had a lot of fun in that plane.
I saw this plane making a circular approach, wing low, from the downwind leg.   I thought to myself, there's only one pilot I know that flies like that.  Can do that.
Sure enough, it was Tom B., in Delta Delta.  Tom was one of the famed Trunk Monkeys I used to fly around with in the Citabria when we would do "All Grass All Day" flying trips.  I talked with Tom later in the main hangar.
The SeaBee taxiing down to the end of the runway for takeoff.
Another one of my favorite planes:  the radial-powered Cessna 195.  This would be my plane of choice for long cross-countries with Lynnette and another couple.
Not as many people on the grassy knoll as usual, watching planes takeoff and land.  But there are some, including Paul C.
Jeff A, an Essex Skyparkian, taxiis by in his AirCam, while Tom K, my hangar neighbor at Essex Skypark, takes off in his Maule.   (Photo by Massey photographer)
Another Essex Skyparkian, Whitey, takes off in his 172, heading for home.  (Photo by Massey Photographer)
The 195 takes off!   (Photo by Massey Photographer)
The Extra and a Yak cruise by in formation.  Another neat photo by the Massey Photographer.
The SeaBee climbs out.  Photo by Massey Photographer.
Well, most everyone has bugged out, so I guess I should too.
There I go.    (Photo by Massey photographer, obviously)

Heading home in the late afternoon with the winter sun shining on the bay.

I always enjoy the Massey fly-ins.  There are always interesting planes to look at and friends to talk to.