December 10, 2016 - Holly Run to Tangier Island

The annual Holly Run to Tangier Island was originally scheduled for last Saturday, but the winds were howling that day. so it was pushed back a week.  The forecasted winds weren't the best this Saturday either -- again, strong, directly perpendicular to Tangier Island's runway -- so the turnout was about half what it was last year.  Still, 26 planes made the run.   (The actual winds weren't bad at all)

Here we are having a pancake breakfast at Bay Bridge Airport.

Team picture!
Downwind for runway Two at Tangier Island.  (Picture by someone else)  The sky was severe clear todayf.  A little cool, but not too bad.
On base leg for Runway Two  (picture by someone else)
My passenger Ron just after landing.  He normally flies a Cessna 172.  I let him fly quite a bit; he couldn't get over the RV's speed.
Cathy and Dan taxi by in their Luscomb.
RV corner on the Tangier Island airport ramp.  That's Chip Locke's RV-14A to the left of my RV.
There were golf carts waiting to pick up the holly and school supplies.   The participants also donated more than $3,000 to help out a family on Tangier Island with their water, sewer and electric bill for the winter.

Santa arrived in that red and white RV-7A at far left.

They had a special service at the Methodist Church on the island for the pilots and passengers.

We enjoyed a nice lunch of crab cakes and crab soup at Lorraine's.

I dropped Ron off at Bay Bridge Airport, then crossed the Chesapeake Bay back to Essex Skypark.  On the way, these four F-18 Hornets flew over me.  The Army-Navy Football game was this afternoon at Raven's Stadium in Baltimore so I figured they must be loitering about, waiting to fly over the stadium during the national anthem.

I was just about to leave Essex Skypark when these four Apache helicopters flew over.  No doubt the Army's portion of the Army-Navy game flyover!