November 6, 2016 - Foliage Flight (Fail)

I got to the airport early this Sunday morning.  The plan was to fly out west and see some foliage, then get back in time for the Essex Skypark pumpkin dropping contest.

The sky was severe clear with a little ground fog remaining.

Liberty Reservoir had a little color.
A nice fall day to play golf.
Clearly, I was past peak on the foliage.  The only reason the color was this good -- and I'm not sure I should even call it good -- was because the morning sun was lighting it up.

This house on a ridge must have a whale of a view.

There was no point in continuing into the mountains, so I turned around and headed back east towards home.

The horse racing track at Charles Town, West Virginia.
Looking down on the Shenandoah River.
I checked out Jan Scott's old Flying Cow gliderport.  The two long glider hangars have been mostly dismantled.ff  I was shocked to see tree's growing where gliders used to be.
From another angle.  The grass runway still looks useable though.
I was equally shocked by how much the nearby town of Lovettesville has grown.  More than half of what you see in this picture was farmfields when I first started flying gliders at the Flying Cow farm.
One last look at the entire Flying Cow farm.
Back over Liberty reservoir.
Unusual to see the Ravens outside; normally, when I pass by no one is outside.