October 29, 2016 - Flying W Fly-In

The weather was excellent for flying on this Saturday so I flew over to Easton Airport to visit Mugsy.  I figured we would just have lunch at Cambridge for about the millionth time.  But he had heard about a little fly-in south of Salisbury so we headed there.
Overhead the Flying W grass strip.  The owner was having a little fly-in for friends, and friends of friends (that's us!).
On the ground, there were a surprising number of people I knew.  On the left is a pilot I had met down at Triple Tree a couple of months ago.  Our planes -- he had a Kitfox at the time -- were parked together in the camping area there.  He recently acquired this Cessna 180.
I've seen this Waco in the air many times flying up and down the coast, giving rides, at Ocean City, Maryland
Quite a few planes were on hand.
Another look at the big Waco.  The front seat can sit two, side by sides.  The pilot sits in the rear cockpit.
A Great Lakes biplane taxiis by.
Richard S.'s RV-8.   The food at this fly-in was the best I've ever had, featuring steak, ribs and friend chicken plus all kinds of salads and deserts.
This young man came up and asked if we knew someone who could give him an airplane ride.  Ten minutes later we were 1,000 feet over the field in the RV!
This is my kind of low and slow plane!
Colorful little Taylorcraft.
RVs aren't the only planes that do low-passes at fly-ins.
Mugsy and I did some formation practice on the way home.   When I was lead, we flew over this big horse farm west of Salisbury.