September 26, 2016 - Montgomery County Airport Open House

Montgomery County Airport (KGAI) was having their annual open house today.  Chef, who bases his plane there, arranged for an RV fly-over.  Five of us met over at Carroll County Airport (KDMW) to brief:  Chef, John, Blade, Pablo and myslef.  A low ceiling in spots made the weather just barely VFR.  The worst spots were crossing Baltimore and then on the approach to Montgomery County.   GAI is within the SFRA so we had to deal with that.  No big deal, just a pain.
A DC-3 in very nice condition was on hand.
The on-field restaurant with people dining outside.  I haven't eaten here in quite some time.
Blade's souped up RV-4  He is new to our group but is a very accomplished formation pilot.
John is also new to the group.  An instructor pilot, he's new to the form stuff but is picking it up quickly.
Pretty good turn-out.
Tadio-controlled planes were on hand.
Including this very sleek jet.
Live entertainment, no less.

Another look at the venerable DC-3.  This particular one was built in 1945.   Yes, this plane is 71 years old.
Mounting up for our routine.
Pre-flight run-up.  I was #5: last in line.
We did multiple passes in different formations, then split up and headed for home.  Here I am looking down at the airport, just about to depart the pattern.

Sharing the airspace with two flocks of geese.  As you can see, the visibility isn't that great.



But it got better as I headed for Baltimore.  Here I'm passing by the famous Pimlico Racetrack.

Looking down at the Skypark.