September 5, 2016 - RV-7 Flight for Bob(s)

Chip Lock, the east coast rep for Vans Aircraft Company, and my mentor during my build, called and asked if I could help a RV-7 builder out.   Bob is building an RV-7 but still has a ways to go before it will be airworthy.  Bob wanted his Dad, also named Bob, to experience a flight in an RV-7, so Chip helped set it up.  I flew up to Arner Memorial Airport (22N) and gave his Bob Sr. a ride.  The weather conditions were perfect.
We did a scenic flight around the area.  Bob Sr. was big into radio-controlled airplanes so he knew how to fly.  Easier than flying an RC plane!   After Bob Sr.'s flight, I took Bob Jr. up.  Every builder needs an occasional RV flight to keep motivated for building.  Mission accomplished!