August 21, 2016 - Ocean City, Maryland

I just felt like getting out and flying today.  Nothing was going on, so I just headed out by myself.  I crossed the Chesapeake Bay and headed south.  Here, I'm passing Kent Narrows bridge.
A private grass strip on St. Michaels island.
With their airplane pulled out of the hangar.
Another private airstrip on Ragged Island.   There used to be a big house to the upper right of that tennis court but it is gone now.  I imagine the owner will be building a bigger and better one.
Cruising over the Blackwater Swamp.
A secluded shack sits out in the middle of the Blackwater Swamp.
Following a river east.
I flew over this big estate west of Salisbury.
Lots of stuff for horses.
The area to the south of Salisbury is mostly forest.
An abandoned golf course; always sad to see.
Continuing east, I come to the Atlantic Ocean.  Looking north up Assateague Island.
Heading up the coast.
A few ponies are hanging out by the fence.  No vehicles south of the fence I guess.
Further north up the beachf I encounter this caravan.
OK, looks like we have a party going on!
I've never driven on the beach down here; I should do it one of these days.  I'll have to borrow a four-wheel drive vehicle from someone.  My Dodge Caravan would get stuck in the sand for sure.
Passing by Ocean City Airport.
Approaching Ocean City.
Lots of people at the Ocean today.  The parking lot -- which is large -- is packed.
A better look.
Passing by the Jolly Rogers water park.  I had a lot of fun here with the kids when they were little.
Wow, what's going on down there at Secrets?
Now that is a party!
Checking out Bruce/Ellen's place in Montego Bay.
I've spent a lot of time on that beach down there over the years.
The scary Selbyville cemetary we have driven by so many times on our way to Ocean City.
Parked next to a big boy at Delaware Coast Airport (GED).  It used to be called Georgetown Airport.  Or maybe it was Suffolk Airport.   Whatever the name is or was, the important thing is that it has an on-field restaurant that I could have a nice lunch at.   Which I did.
Taxiing by Panchito, the B-25 who lives here.
Back at Essex Skypark, Bruce is hanging out in his Kolb Mark III.