April 16, 2016 - RV Fly-in at Twin Lakes Airport, NC

I departed Johnson City Saturday morning.  Weather was perfect:  warm, light winds, not a cloud in the sky.  Mugsy had told me there was an RV fly-in just on the other side of the mountains at Twin Lakes Airport (8A7) in Mocksville, North Carolina so I decided to stop there for a few hours on the way home.   94 nm ESE to be precise.  Just a short hop in the RV.  Here I am safe on deck at Twin Lakes.
Nice little airport.
More RVs parked out in front of the small terminal building.
I like the purple paint job but he departed before I could get a closer look.
Bruce Raymond took this close-up shot.  Wow, even the prop is metallic purple.
Another shot of RV front-ends by that distinguished aviation photographer Bruce Raymond.
Photo courtesy of Bruce Raymond.
Photo courtesy of Bruce Raymond.
Ron "Smokey" Shreck's Miss Izzy.  Smokey flies competition aerobatics in this airplane.  Photo by Bruce Raymond.
The Mid-Atlantic area was well represented at this RV fly-in.  Glen S. on the the left and Jim T. on the right.  Photo by Bruce Raymond.
An interesting looking plane home-based at Twin Lakes.  Photo by Bruce Raymond.
I've never seen an RV towed before.
There was an above-average food spread for lunch.
More RVs.
Bill E. -- who organized this fly-in and is based here -- says a few words to the attendees.
A better look at the terminal.
Mike B.  and the man who drinks his vodka straight up, Vlad.
Vlad does get around his RV.
Glen prepares to board "The Devestator".
Nope, not yet.  This has always been one of my favorite RV paint schemes.
The creativity of RV builders is amazing.
An immaculate Harmon Rocket.
Departing Twin Lakes.
Overhead view.  Nice fly-in.  Enjoyed it.