April 10, 2016 - Fly down to Johnson City, TN

I was flying down to Johnson City on this Sunday afternoon to spend the week with my parents.  On the way I passed over the old Flying Cow Airfield and was surprised to see that the two long glider hangars have been dismantled.  It looks like the ends of each one have been turned into a single-airplane hangar.
I've been to Luray Caverns but not Endless Caverns.  I'll have to visit them someday.
Usually I just fly the most direct route to Johnson City, which is to the west of I-81.  Even though it would be a little longer, today I would just follow I-81 down, just to do something different.
A big mall, shopping area near Harrisonburg and James Madison University.
A little further, to the west of I-81 was Bridgewater Air Park (KVBW), by the North River.  I've never landed here.  Fuel prices are relatively high at this airport for some reason.
Further down I-81, again to the west is the town of Staunton.  This big building was striking from the air.  Turns out it is the Virginia School for the Blind.   To the left just out of the picture is the Woodrew Wilson Presidential Library.  Who knew?  Since Wilson is on the short list of worst presidents in U.S. history it's not surprising that you don't hear too much -- well, nothing, really -- about his library.
Nearby, the Mary Baldwin College also stands out from the air.
Continuing southwest along I-81.  I've driven it twice now.   Flying it is much preferable to driving it.
Approaching the town of Lexington, Virginia which is just to the west of I-81.
A good look at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI).  Lynnette and I visited here on a cold day in January.  Not a very big place really.  Just the big dorm building where the Cadets live -- sort of a mini-Naval Academy Bancroft Hall, with academic and administration buildings to the left, and surrounding sports facilities.  And of course the most important thing: the large grass area for parades and drill practice!
Another look.
There stands Lynnette like a Stone Wall.  (picture from our visit to Lexington in February)
Adjoining VMI is Washington and Lee college where Robert E. Lee is buried.  Stonewall Jackson -- an instructor at VMI -- is buried in a Lexington Cemetary.
There lies a Robert E. Lee. (another February visit picture)
I had to leave I-81 to stay clear of the Roanoke Class C airpace.  I-81 skirts Roanoke's north side.
So that is how I came to fly past Virginia Tech Airport (KBCB) in Blacksburg, Virginia.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, better know simply as Virginia Tech, has had a pretty good football team the last twenty years or so.
Looks like they have pretty good facilities for all sports, actually.
Southwest of Blacksburg, on the banks of the New River, is the Radford Army Ammunication Plant.  Ammo storage facilities are very obvious from the air, spread out in uniform patterns as they are.  Can you guess why?
I had enough gas to make it to Johnson City easily enough, but I wouldn't have much left to go anywhere else.  Since Johnson City Airport no longer sells fuel I figured I better stop and get some gas.  It was around 4:30PM on this Sunday afternoon.  I called Mountain Empire Airport (KMKJ) -- my favorite airport on the Essex Skypark to Johnson City run -- on their Unicom frequency.  They answered right away.  I asked them if they were still open to get gas.  The said sure.  I said "roger that, be there in five minutes".  I landed, talked with Brian Burkett, the friendly airport manager who likes my RV-7, got gas, and was soon on my way.
Flying pass a  house with a no doubt great view of South Holston Lake.
South Holston Lake seems a little low at present.
And here we are at my destination:  Johnson City Airport.  I guess this is the fifth time I've been here?