March 8, 2016 - Bruce Flies His Newly Restored RV-3

Today was the day.  Time for Bruce to fly the RV-3 for the first time after a two-year restoration.  We have just completed a positive-control check on his ailerons, elevator and rudder.  There probably isn't a pilot in the world who isn't a little nervous flying a newly built or newly restored plane for the first time.  You can recognize the look on Bruce.
Taxiing out to the Essex Skypark runway.  I was on the ground with a hand-held radio as safety observer.
There he goes.  Tail coming up.
And he's off!
Bruce flew around the pattern for about ten minutes.  He made a couple of approaches to landings to get the feel for it.  Now he's coming in to land on the grass.
Rolling out on the grass.
Happy pilot taxiing in.

Bruce's Dad served served on the U.S.S. Card (CVE-11) in World War II, hunting U-Boats in the Atlantic.

So the flight was uneventful.  Just what you want on a flight like this.  There were a couple of minor squawks but overall the plane flew great.  We celebrated at Pizza Johns with the best pizza in Maryland and Natty Boh beer.