February 28, 2016 - Two-Ship Flight with Pax Bill P.

Bill P. is a friend of mine out at Essex Skypark.  I've been meaning to take him for a ride in the RV-7 for a long time.  Today was the day!  Bill is a pilot himself but has never been in an RV.
To introduce someone to the world of RV flying, I think it is necessary to fly with another RV.  Mugsy came over and we spent the first part of the flight doing some formation practice.
I led Mugsy through the standard maneuvers, then we swapped lead and it was payback time.
There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was brutal at times.
Turning and burning over the Eastern Shore.
A nice shot of Mugsy turning over the Chester River.  Bill P. took all these photos by the way.
After close formation practice we did some follow the leader in extended trail and fun fly.  Then Mugsy headed for home and Bill P. flew the RV for awhile.  I think he liked it.
Back at the airport, Bruce pulled his RV-3 out into the sun.  It's fully operational, ready to go, after a two-year restoration.