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RV-7 Hobbs: 1184 hours             Triplane Tach:  Basic Fuselage welded together, Wings Spars done (all 3), 58 Standard Ribs , 12 Doubler Ribs complete, 6 Wingtip Ribs done.

Sorry, I haven't posted since December 2016.  But I took a strain and am now mostly caught up including a week at AirVenture 2017, which was great.  I've been slacking on the Triplane although recently I started
up again and am working on the spar brackets, the rudder and the cross-bracing anchors.  The RV is still running great and looks like a million bucks after a 30-hour polish job prior to Oshkosh.


My 15 minutes of Fame!  My RV-7 participates in the first AOPA Fly-off episode    Read the AOPA Pilot article

More Fame! Article about 2013 Kansas City Chiefs Football Game, flyover and me in the Severna Park Voice  Article

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