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RV-7 Hobbs: 1060 hours             Triplane Tach:  Basic Fuselage welded together, Wings Spars done (all 3), 58 Standard Ribs , 12 Doubler Ribs complete, 6 Wingtip Ribs done.

The weather has been horrible in 2016 for flying so far.  So, instead, I've been working hard on the Triplane project.  The basic fuselage is welded together and I'm very pleased with the weld quality.  I'm now working on making the fittings out of sheet steel and the rudder.

My 15 minutes of Fame!  My RV-7 participates in the first AOPA Fly-off episode:  Watch the Video    Read the AOPA Pilot article

More Fame!  Article about 2013 Kansas City Chiefs Football Game flyover and me in the Severna Park Voice:   Article

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